Sonia Gil,

from Rio de Janeiro, living in Berlin

Urban Calligraphy5.jpg
Mother´s Milk dystopia.jpg

About Urban Dialogues

We live in an era of image saturation. The excessive visual information in our cities is intoxicating us. The public space has been dominated by publicity images, which are produced with the intention of seducing us. How are we to cope with all this? How do we create new meaning?

Starting out from these reflections, Amy Bassin and I developed a global art collaboration network to start new dialogues with artists from different cities and different cultures with the idea of sharing, creating and re-creating new images of the urban landscape, trying to capture and understand the spirit of the contemporary cities.

Artist Statement

I am an artist and architect from Rio de Janeiro, based in Berlin. I work with digital collages, experimenting and combining images of watercolors and photographs from my digital palette, to create new spaces that trigger the viewers perception.

In my series Urban Calligraphy I combine process and experimentation, in a very “architectural” way, to re-build the public space, creating new maps. Mother´s Milk is a more conceptual and emotional work, an attempt to play with the idea of identity, perception versus reality and sensemaking. Watercolor is the guiding thread of my working process, unpredictable as it is, evolving and unfolding into new forms and meanings.​​

Urban Theater.jpg