Hidemi Shimura,

Tokorozawa-city, Japan


Morning Dawn series



“Invisible Net -weakness-“


Urban Dialogues and me

I think the concept of Urban Dialogues really fits me. There were so many people from different countries living in Shanghai. I always saw people come and leave in a short period. That made me think about the relationship and the distance between people.

I think all the artist's work are influenced by the world around us and also that art can help communication between people. But normally, most artists work independently and isolated. So, working with a project like Urban Dialogues can bring me bright new feelings.

Europe and the U.S. have been regarded as the center of contemporary art, but I feel things are gradually changing. another good thing about Urban Dialogues is that the artists live in completely different places. I hope we can make new possibilities of art across the world.

Artist Statement

Sometimes people think and talk about ‘What is Art?’, and try to find the answer though they never can’t get the right answer.Art is often thought as difficult and high-toned thing, but most of the Art come from the people’s ordinary life. Artist is just one of the ordinary people, Artist is just cutting off the part of these ordinary life, and shape it into their artworks. Artist can’t exist at the place without peaceful life. Real art may exist in the battlefield, but Artist can’t live in battlefield. ‘Existence of Artist’ could be proof of Peaceful, and Artist should be aware of that fact. Practically, Artworks are useless and nothing for use. But they sometimes give us little happiness, sometimes become the source of great power, I’ll try to bring out these kind of feelings or power to the people’s life. That’s my job as an Artist.