Uma Ray,

Kolkata, India



Uma Ray’s works derive mainly from her surroundings. She works across various media incorporating drawings, video, installations and music . She likes to explore the expressive tactility of material in their most un-tampered state. Current socio – political uncertainties -
that lead to introspection and self-examination, and enquiry of one'sidentity and the social positioning of the self at such times - pique her interest. Her works evolve from her immediate experiences. They tend to be philosophical and “fragile” as she believes the nature of life to be.      


About Urban Dialogues

We are a group of artists working on the idea of sharing, constructing and reconstructing images/ideas, of cityscapes. The originality of the group is perhaps its diverse background, and the fact that it is about getting together through this platform, being able to put our heads together in moving as a group and working on different proposals and projects.

Personally it gives me the feeling of familiarity with, the respective countries that each of us represent; its urban spaces, its people, and the geo-political differences, as also the lifestyles of the community and the social structures in each of these countries.

The concept of exchange of ideas and working methods is not very new, thanks to the growing awareness and limitless opportunities through international art residencies and workshops. Unfortunately, given to the constraints of time and money, not all can partake in such events.

What drove me to Urban Dialogues was the fact that we can still have a possibility of interaction, and such an exchange of ideas. The idea is always the starting point, and perhaps the most important aspect in developing ones own faculties. And this idea was a novel on its own. Each of us met through the various projects, new members were introduced during the meantime. Each bringing his own baggage full of attributes and peculiarities that only enriched and opened up new possibilities. And what better example of the benefits of global networking


Master of Fine Arts in July 2006 from Visva Bharati University (Sculpture), Shantiniketan
Bachelor of Visual Arts in August 2004 from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata.



2013 - Time is Love.6 – 2013. (As part of 6th edition of Time is Love - Curated by Kisito Assangni)
Sprengel Museum, Hannover, Germany
Orange County Center For Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA, USA
Rich Mix Foundation, London, UK
ACB Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Sazmanab Project, Teheran, Iran...

2012 - “Where the River Meets its People” - Negotiating Routes: Ecologies of Byways III.
Video screening (Dreamers on the River) Unbound Studio (Pune, India),
Belgrade Art Fair, 26-28 October.


• HEP – Human Emotions Project, Video Dia Loghi, Italy
• Liquid Cities Temporary Identities, International ArtExpo, Croatia & Greece,
• Fragments Video Art Collaboration Project at Arnot Art Museum,


• The 5th International Festival for video art and experimental film ATTITUDE, Bitola, Macedonia
• Vitruvian Woman Video Project (2008-2009), Formverk Art Space in Sweden.
• Video Installation in Torino, Italy at the Festival "Video Dia Loghi 2009"

2008 - Re:peat visual event new media platform Institute and Museum, Bitola, Macedonia

2007 - 24th Biennale D’ Alexandria at Atelier D’ Alexandria, Egypt

Workshops and Residencies:

• Mukhaarh - Workshop with school children of Dobo village in Jamshedpur. Part of The public art project, “Where the River Meets its People” - Negotiating Routes: Ecologies of Byways III, 2012
• AMALA workshop and Exhibition in collaboration with the Goethe institute, Egypt 2009
• Thupelo Workshop 2007, Greatmore Studios, Cape Town.
• AMALA workshop and Exhibition in collaboration with the Goethe institute and L’ Atelier De’ Alexandria. Egypt – 2007.
• Peers Residency at Khoj Artists Organisation -2007