Frie J. Jacobs,

Zoersel, Belgium


What the wind tells - 2020 - fire (soot) & wind on canvas - 70x70cm



The edge - 2018 - fire (soot) & wind on canvas - 30x40cm


Me and UD (Urban Dialogues)

To make a long story short: I met Amy (Bassin) on the internet. After a lot of emails and conversations about art, photography and life in general, she invited me to join UD.

My work grows from the idea of corporeal connection with the world around us. As visual artist I use the French philosopher Maurice Merleau-Pontys words as my motto "To see is to feel".

With this conviction it might seem a little strange that I use the virtual world wide web. But the idea enclose that we all are connected and this medium is one of the best tools to communicate, to exchange ideas and to work together with our differences and simularities. We can daily communicate, discuss projects and learn from each other.

The UD artists are from all continents and that gives a warm feeling. And maybe we can discover new views, possibilities and aspects of art and ourselves. Because humanity and art always live together.

Artist Statement

I am an interdisciplinary artist. My oeuvre includes painting, drawings, three-dimensional and digital works, in-situ interventions, visual music scores, handmade artist's books,… For that I use just about everything that occurs in nature: plants, seeds, flowers, roots, a mushroom, charcoal, beeswax , rain, fire, ... but also acrylic and oil paint, photography, video.

Etude brûlée (burns study) - 2020 - fire (soot), pencil and acrylic on paper on cardboard - 24,5x33,5cm